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  • Site Evaluation – We’ll help our clients select the most appropriate parcel for your facility. This, by searching for available land that sits in the most desirable location business wise and its zoning is consistent with the intended use. We’ll assist in land acquisition and make the necessary RCRA due diligence studies.
  • Environmental Planning and Review Process – Prepare, coordinate, file required environmental studies needed for your project. Public participation is key to this process and minimizes misinformation. We strongly suggest meeting with applicable community groups and neighboring communities in order to grasp their needs and improve on your project.
  • Master Planning – In strict coordination with the environmental assessment, planning the distribution of space in the project will deliver an effective use of land. Also, the business aspect of your project is used for input in the planning process as well as input from a facilities management point of view. Here, we make sure that no aspect of your concept is left while having complete coordination with every component of your facility’s life cycle.
  • Preliminary Design – Although required by Government Agencies, the preliminary design helps our clients understand the feasibility of an idea. This is prepared concurrently with a preliminary construction budget and feasibility study.
  • Preliminary Budget & Feasibility – When done with concurrently with a preliminary design and planning, it helps our clients develop a business model which is feasible, buildable and, most of all, possible. A business model that is feasible and strong is key to securing financing in these challenging times.
  • Market Research – Done in conjunction with the feasibility phase, market research will help you understand the strength and weaknesses of your idea and improve your project. We’ll check and see what your competitors are doing and help our client understand what the market needs.Delivery
  • Zoning Requirements Evaluation – We’ll evaluate what the zoning of the selected location of your project requires and coordinate it with the business model. If needed, a zoning permit will be submitted to reflect the market, environmental and you project’s needs.
  • Business Model Planning – Coordinated with the feasibility studies and master planning, planning your business model at this point will help you build a strong business model and establish your capital needs.