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  • ConstructionProcurement of Contractors ECZG will assist you in the bidding process. We’ll prepare a bid package, invite several contractors to bid (in the case of a closed bid) or advertise a public bid, celebrate a pre bid conference, answer any bidder questions and concerns and evaluate bid received.
  • Support for Financial Procurement – We’ll assist in everything that’s needed for securing financing for our clients’ project. From cash flow and Sources & Uses of Funds to meeting with financial institutions to present the project.
  • Construction Management (One or Multiple Contracts) – If needed we can manage one or multiple construction contracts through our subsidiary, Endeavor Construction Group Inc. This, through a fast track method which will save you time by phasing the project so that construction begins as soon as each phase of the project is ready.
  • General Contracting – Construction Services delivered through our affiliate, Endeavor Construction Group, Inc.
  • Scheduling and Progress Monitoring – Using latest techniques, we’ll track the progress of your project (in terms of schedule, costs, cash flow) and ensure an on budget, on time delivery. If needed, value engineering could be used to generate savings while maintaining functionality.
  • Inspection & Supervision – If requested, we’ll provide inspection services for the construction phase. This in order to monitor progress, compliance and quality of your project.Delivery
  • Environmental Compliance – A sensitive and important aspect of every project, we’ll make sure that you project is built in a way consistent with environmental regulations (Local, State and Federal).
  • Delivery – Final inspection, and coordination of any tenant / owner work needed for start up of operation.