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  • DesignOne Stop Shop for Design – Using the latest technology in design, BIM, we’ll take into account everything that’s needed for a successful delivery of your project. With all disciplines under one roof, everything is coordinated and executed continuously.
  • Compliance with Codes and Regulations – With our complete understanding of the latest building and planning codes & regulations, we’ll make sure everything is on the right track for success.
  • Coordination of Multiple ProfessionalsECZG takes into account input from professionals that will be needed in the entire life cycle of your facility to ensure an efficient delivery and operation.
  • Plans Preparation and Coordination – We use latest BIN technology to deliver the best drawings available to minimize confusion and maximize benefits.
  • Specs and Construction Documents Preparation – Clear and complete specifications and construction documents are key to successfully completing a project. Most construction claims arise from incomplete or deficient construction contract documents. We use our vast experience and knowledge to deliver the best and up to date documents for the successful completion of your project while keeping change orders down.
  • Cost & Development Estimating – Delivered after the final drawings, we’ll give you a budget of construction, development, maintenance and operation costs in order to secure financing and continue on to procurement. We include a Source & Uses of Funds analysis as well as a cash flow taking into account construction progress, sales and absorption of the market.