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  • Supervision and Coordination of Required Studies – We’ll help you in acquiring the best available scientific studies in order to understand the environment where your project will be located. This with the purpose of building a strong model for your project.
  • Presentation of Required Documents to Applicable Government Agencies – We’ll prepare and coordinate everything that is needed in filing every permit required in order to successfully build your project. This, from the zoning permit (if needed) throughout the environmental assessment or impact document, preliminary development permit, construction permit, infrastructure endorsements and points of connection. This, in the local, state and federal governments.
  • Coordination and Follow up on Agency Endorsement and Commentaries – We’ll guide you through the entangling process of securing government permitting of your project. This, by effectively presenting to, coordinating with, and following up on the decision makers in every level of government regulators.
  • Strategic Planning on Permitting – Permitting has become a project management problem. Strategic planning, risk management and moving this process on an effective flow structure will help our client successfully comply with every aspect of this, sometimes frustrating process.
  • Preliminary Budgeting – We’ll validate and continuously update the preliminary budget and business model as government agencies endorse and/or comment on our clients’ project.